Lets dig a little deeper

Carburetor rebuilds


We can rebuild your or overhaul your autolite, holley, or edelbrock carburetor or any part of the fuel system to get your Mustang or Shelby running better, most carburetor rebuld jobs run about 350.00

we rebuild several carbs a month and use a ultrasonic cleaner after traditional soaking to make sure and get them real clean. We also rejet the carbs for altitude.



I’ve been a customer of Classic Mustangs for close to 10 years. My 1966 Mustang is now running and looking better than at any time in the 37 years I have owned her. I am so grateful to be able to take my car where I know she will be taken care of. I appreciate the honesty, professionalism and attention to detail I’ve always received, as it can be hard to find that these days. Terry and his crew take a personal interest and pride in each classic Mustang that comes through their shop. Thanks for your knowledge and commitment to excellence guys! You have a customer for life! I highly recommend Classic Mustangs for any auto body, restoration and repair work (no matter how small) you may need!!!

Justin K.

Upgrades galore!


We done about every upgrade and worked on every system of the classic and or restomod Mustang

  • Custom or stock Dual exhaust
  • Rebuilt engine or "crate" engines
  • complete electrical system replacement or repairs
  • any kind of suspension work, 
  • Brake restoration or upgrades
  • rust repairs, panel replacement and custom bare metal paint jobs

We can do the the right and look forward to working with you!

Power steering conversions

Borgeson steering kit

We are a Borgeson power steering direct dealer and installer and have been having great success with their new PS systems, in fact we usually have a car or two in work if you would like to see the installation in person. NO MORE LEAKING PS SYSTEMS!

We install fuel injection systems!


We install and set up fuel injection systems, a nice way to modernize your car and turn it into a restomod. There are several really good kits out there and most come with handheld tuning devices. The typical installation runs about 4-5k



  • Q. How do we pay?
  • A.  We accept a deposit on planned work and take progress payments as the work commences
  • Q. Do you gaurentee your work?
  • A. Yes, varoius times according to the job, no warranty on performance work unless we really screw up..It happens:)
  • Q. Can I come inspect the work?
  • A. You bet, we encourage it, this customer flew in from Arizona